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    time 5 minute read

    Quiet Firing: Signs, Symptoms, and Suggestions

    Have you ever heard of quiet quitting? It's a phrase that's become more topical in the years...
    time 5 minute read

    Agile Versus Waterfall Methodology

    When you're starting a software development project, where do you begin? The first step is...
    time 14 minute read

    A Guide to Interviewing Developers and Knowing What to Look For

    Do you need to hire developers? Have you already started gearing up for the hiring process and...
    time 5 minute read

    What is Quiet Quitting and How to Spot It

    In the last several weeks, the term "quiet quitting" has exploded on the internet and in workplace...
    time 7 minute read

    The Direct Sourcing Model and Understanding What it Means in Recruitment

    As the business and hiring worlds evolve, working to staff your company can feel difficult and...
    time 5 minute read

    Keys to Success for Recruiting in a Candidate-Driven Market

    The last few years have demonstrated how the pendulum can swing between an employer versus a...
    time 7 minute read

    Talentcrowd Announces the Launch of its Membership Portal

    Let’s get right down toit. Why on earth did you build a Membership Portal?  
    time 8 minute read

    Agile Games for Remote Teams

    Team building activities are necessary for forming bonds and creating camaraderie between team...
    time 9 minute read

    What is an Independent Contractor?

    There are a variety of professions that can be done by independent contractors. Any professional...
    time 2 minute read

    Skills at Scale: Supercharged Talent Intelligence and Better Skills Visibility

    Meet Josh, Talentcrowd’s Founder and CEO Dude Hi, I am Josh, founder and CEO of Talentcrowd. Fun...
    time 7 minute read

    A Skill for Finding Skills: The Role of a Technical Recruiter

    Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world. In the 1930s, televisions were still...
    time 7 minute read

    Everything you Need to Know about Hiring your First Contract Developer

    Having success within business processes begins with having the right developer. It can be...
    time 2 minute read

    Meet OUTATIME: A Super Simple Time Tracker Designed for Freelancers

    Wait a Minute. Are You Telling Me You Built Time Tracking Software…and Named it OUTATIME? Yup, we...
    time 7 minute read

    Mastering the Difference in Employee Classification

    Understanding the difference between an employee and an independent contractor is vital. The...
    time 7 minute read

    Simple Tips on How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

    As an employer, you often wonder how to attract top talent. You value your company and you want to...
    time 8 minute read

    Questions to ask in a tech interview

    When you are hiring in the tech industry, you must consider more than a candidate's technical...
    time 6 minute read

    The Next New Normal: Work after the Covid-19 Pandemic

    In January of 2020, the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the United States. The virus...
    time 7 minute read

    In-house Software Development vs Outsourcing

    Since the COVID-19 Pandemic first began in 2020, the world has been evolving at a rapid pace. The...
    time 7 minute read

    Small Tips as you Pivot Your Business Model

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain issues, and changes in the work environment (like...

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