Big Moves! Amanda Frye Steps Up as CEO of Talentcrowd 🚀

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Amanda Frye

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July 3, 2024


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 Exciting Leadership Update from Talentcrowd!

Hey Talentcrowd Family!

Hold onto your hats! We're kicking off a thrilling new chapter here at Talentcrowd. Drumroll, please... Amanda Frye is our new CEO! 🎉 Amanda, previously our fearless COO and Head of Operations, has been the mastermind behind our slick operations and epic project wins. Her mantra of "Kind Transparency" and relentless pursuit of awesomeness have been game-changers for us.

But wait, there's more! After an epic stint as CEO, Joshua Lintz isn’t putting his superhero cape away just yet. With Amanda by his side, he's set to concentrate on strategic growth and expansion efforts as President. Together, they'll be co-leading, grabbing the oars, and navigating the wild waters we travel today.

This new setup and on-brand teamwork not only create a balanced and effective leadership structure but also harness the combined strengths and passion of our amazing team.

🌟 About Amanda Frye:

With nearly two decades in the game, Amanda has turbocharged our operations and polished our project management to a brilliant shine, skyrocketing client joy and solidifying our rep as tech consulting rockstars. Under her watch, we’ve not just kept up with tech trends—we’ve set some pretty high standards for how to treat our people.

Amanda’s vision? To keep us rocketing to stellar heights, pushing boundaries and pioneering the future of tech consulting. (All while maintaining the human touch… 🤖 limited robots over here!)

🚀 Looking Ahead:

With Amanda at the helm and Joshua captaining strategy, we’re all systems go for a future packed with innovation and opportunities. Their powerhouse dynamics are exactly what we need to navigate the exciting future of tech.

Join us in cheering for Amanda and tipping our hats to Joshua for their indomitable spirit and visionary leadership. Here's to the thrilling journey ahead—may it be as legendary as we are!

Making magic happen!