Not all heroes
wear capes.

Genius algorithm-builders by day.
Obsessive tech-vetters & matchers by night.
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Talentcrowd - Joshua
Joshua Lintz
Founder & CEO


As Company-Builder-in-Chief, Joshua leads the team in a basic yet woefully uncommon charge: Do good work and take care of people. Some might also call him the Pilot Lighter: he’s the guy who finds supremely talented people, puts them together, then ignites them with his fiery passion until they can’t help but burn too — in the best possible way. 😁 (NOTE: No actual fire is involved in the hiring and indoctrination process. Yet.)

For the past 7 years, he’s been perking ears and raising eyebrows in tech by building trailblazing digital products (and the awesome teams that make them), getting awarded an assortment of patents, and closing $30,000,000+ in revenue from tech consulting. He's also formally educated in Economics, Public Policy, and multiple undergrad shenanigans at Southern Methodist University. All this — but he still puts his pants on one leg at a time. 🤷

A little-known fact about Josh — he co-invented the first dynamic geospatial mapping platform for cemeteries. (Yep. We’re still trying to figure out what that is too

Hailing from the great Windy City, this digital nomad has lived in Colorado, Arizona, and California, but he’s settled in Southern California…for now. And while Talentcrowd may be his baby, Joshua is happiest when he’s spending time with his other babies and wife, or when he’s on the slopes, whacking golf balls (anywhere but straight), and taking in the mellow tones of Panamaericana Downtempo music, or, maybe Eminem. Oor, well, it doesn't matter. Just know, whatever it is, it kicks. 

Fake accent: Bri’ish
Hates: emptying the dishwasher
Team Star Wars

Talentcrowd - Amanda Profile
Amanda Frye


A 17-year tech veteran and solution architect, Amanda manipulates problems like a Rubik’s cube: carefully observe from all angles, then twist, twist, turn to reveal the most efficient, scalable, and cost-effective way…without risking a single data point in the process. (She actually began solving Rubik’s cubes at age 3. When her parents dug deeper to reveal her genius, they discovered she had been removing and rearranging the stickers 😂)

The secret to Amanda’s success? Her “kind transparency;” AKA her ability to balance blunt honesty with a deep understanding of humanity — and get everyone to buy in and work toward a single solution. (Unless it’s her kids. She’s still cracking that nut)

That’s why, despite her certification as a Project Management Professional and extensive training in sales and operations, Amanda’s most proud of her teaching and mentorship — helping analysts, engineers, project managers, and other techies move up their own career ladders. 
At Talentcrowd, Amanda’s plate is kiiiiinda full: operations, community building, matchmaking, managing admin tools & social media, and praying her computer doesn’t explode from her 743 open tabs. 🙏

Originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she’s been trying to move down south for warmer weather — though Detroit’s the furthest she’s made it so far. When she’s not at work, Amanda’s probably on the road, camping out at a music festival or doing some 4X4 riding. 

Fake accent: British-Australian (think Bluey)
Hates: Laundry
Team Star Trek

Talentcrowd - Melissa
Melissa Garcia


The buck stops with Melissa, who’s responsible for collecting on and paying out contracts — AKA making sure all our people get paid. In other words: she keeps the train on the tracks. With her 7+ years experience in tech, Melissa feels she’s hit a career high point at Talentcrowd — because she’s had the chance to shape a startup from the ground-up. Plus, she gets to problem-solve every day with people she really cares about. (Even you, Joshua.) 

She loves what she does, though you’ll never find her bragging about it on Facebook or Instagram (because she doesn’t do social media).

Originally from Hawaii, Melissa would never want to be from someplace else (do you blame her?). These days, she lives in Northern California and enjoys long walks in the sunset with her golden retriever, Lani.

Fake accent: British
Hates: Cleaning
Team Star Wars 

Talentcrowd - Cameron
Cameron Shumway
Sr. Director of RevOps


Know that stereotypical oily, creepy sales guy? Cameron’s the exact opposite, plus he eats those guys for breakfast. Drawing on 9 years in tech and more than 10 years in sales, this father of ___ is a boot-strapping, alligator-wrestling LinkedIn wizard who keeps the pulse of our sales team going strong. (No wonder he did his Bachelor’s in Emergency Services!)

Manager of our inside sales and CRM Hubspot, Cameron has the rare ability to solicit interest without pissing people off. 🤯 He not only reaches out to hundreds of quality leads every freakin’ day, but also gets the majority of them booked with our team. And he’s never met a decision maker who wouldn’t commit to a meeting (on their own will…at least, so he says). Plus, he’s the only one—

OK, OK, management’s cutting me off here — they don’t want anyone poaching Cameron. 

When Cameron’s not winning hearts and minds with his soft, authentic approach, this Arizona-born Utahn will be out in the mountains, skiing with his family and letting the sun grace his cheekbones. 

Fake accent: French
Hates: His kids’ homework
Team Star Wars

Talentcrowd - Mystery
You could be next!

Maybe you’re here because…

  • You want to work with accomplished people who value agency, engagement, and wellbeing.
  • You’re tired of working in a silo — and you want to connect with top-tier technologists who can help improve your game.
  • You’ve heard that we stand up for work-life balance, flexible schedules, and your ability to work remotely.

You're in the right place!


When we’re not busy vetting out 92% of
tech candidates, we tell Dad jokes

Why did the IT guy cross the road?
Why did the IT Guy Cross the road (Updated) Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6
To get a WIFI signal to record his time in OUTATIME
To get a byte to eat...
To get away from the person who just logged a support ticket.
To GIT to the other side.
Because the chicken was Control/Alt/Del-icious...
01001110 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110011 01101001 01101110 01100101 01110011 01110011

Talentcrowd was born
out of AAAARGH

Josh, in one of his finer moments
Doing a bit of off-roading. Obvz.

One fine Tuesday, CEO-to-be Joshua was at Coffee Cycle in San Diego brainstorming amazing startup ideas when it hit him:

Why NOT curate an exclusive network of uber-talented techies and developers for companies in need?

Nice story…
but here’s what really happened.

In the wee hours one cold winter night, Joshua’s annoyance level finally hit the roof. He was DONE getting catfished by recruiters who kept pawning off candidates that were all talk and no walk (and no C++).

The tech-recruitment system had to change.

If no one else would do it, he would do it himself.
With his equally frustrated, equally motivated tech buddies, of course.

Putting their heads together, these hustlers came up with some ground rules for a company that would fix tech hiring for real.

And from then on, every tech founder lived happily ever after.
(At least the ones who found Talentcrowd)


The truths we hold to be self-evident

Or, why clients write us soppy love letters.


Strive to lead the Future of Work:

For the individual to work when and
where they are most productive

For companies to be able to hire
more broadly and to be able to
shrink and expand according to
their needs


Help independent talent unlock their potential.


Obsess over our customers and work backwards from there. Hint: everyone is a customer: clients, freelancers, employees, vendors.

4Remote-First. No rigid structure.

Intentionally informal.


Create Value. We do what we promised to each other, customers, and users. We care about what you achieve: the code you shipped, the user you made happy, and the team member you helped. We're tenacious. We give agency. And we bias for action.


Be weird.


Stay Hungry, Stay Frugal.
Do more with less. Spend company money like it's your own.


Give a shit.
It's simple and it's rewarding. Do good work.


Be on the offense – always. Set the bar high and then raise it higher.

Team Building
Join us

Can’t stand BS? You are our people

Experience is important - but performance matters more.

If You...

  • Operate as a craftsman
  • Ask the right questions
  • Love to geek out
  • Are prepared to die on the hill of remote-first
  • Have a passion for quality


FYI: We have a neat hazing process, where employees pinky-promise to abide by our values.

(no blood oaths, we’re not primitive)

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Cool techies who
dig working with us

Claudia Van den Heuvel

“Working with Talentcrowd changed my career!”

Working with Talentcrowd changed my career! The clients I get to work with are top-notch. The team is supportive and professional, and the banter with my colleagues always leaves me with a smile.

Claudia Van den Heuvel
Designer/Business Analyst
Ryan Robinson

“It's all the work and none of the BS.”

I’m digging what you got going on here so far. It’s all the work and none of the BS. And it’s good, smart folks. Thanks so much for bringing me in

Ryan Robinson
UI/UX Designer
Photo of Henry

“Thank you for all the opportunities, Talentcrowd!”

As a software consultant, I look for clients that match my skills and provide interesting work. Talentcrowd has matched me up with diverse companies with ample opportunities for career growth. Thank you for all the opportunities, Talentcrowd! You’ve got a set of amazing people behind the scenes that made it all possible.

Henry Lai
Software Engineer

Talentcrowd is
obsessed with our

Hint: everyone is a customer:

Clients, Freelancers, Employees & Vendors

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