Are you a senior dev with superpowers?


Experience is important — but performance matters more.

If you….

  • operate as a craftsman
  • ask the right questions
  • love to geek out
  • are prepared to die on the hill of remote-first
We want you.

Apply now to be matched with well-paying US clients who have a mature, established software footprint.

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Stanwich Energy Advisors
Childrens Health
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Cool techies who dig
working with us

Photo of Claudia

“Working with Talentcrowd changed my career!”

Working with Talentcrowd changed my career! The clients I get to work with are top-notch. The team is supportive and professional, and the banter with my colleagues always leaves me with a smile.

Claudia Van den Heuvel
Designer/Business Analyst
Ryan Robinson

“It’s all the work and none of the BS.”

I’m digging what you got going on here so far. It’s all the work and none of the BS. And it’s good, smart folks. Thanks so much for bringing me in.

Ryan Robinson
UI/UX Designer
Photo of Henry

“Thank you for all the opportunities, Talentcrowd!”

As a software consultant, I look for clients that match my skills and provide interesting work. Talentcrowd has matched me up with diverse companies with ample opportunities for career growth. Thank you for all the opportunities, Talentcrowd! You’ve got a set of amazing people behind the scenes that made it all possible.

Henry Lai
Software Engineer
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Sr. Software Engineer - TypeScript/C#
Developing internal App utilizing .NET Languages including C#. C++ CLI, Web API and .Net Core. Front-end development languages: Typescript / Java Script, Angular 8+, HTML5, and CSS. RESTful and Event driven interface design and implementation. Writing well-designed, efficient code. Writing unit test cases. Scheduling product releases with internal teams. Review, test and debug team member's code. Following Agile development methodologies.
Sr. Software Engineer - React

Our client is looking for a seasoned React Developer. A successful candidate should have the following expertise:

  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript and React (shocking, huh?)
  • Knowledge of the main components such as Virtual DOM, JSX, etc.
  • Ability to work with Enzyme, Webpack and Flux, as well as at least one performance testing framework.

This is a contract position. 😎 And, remote, too (duh)! 🏖️🤘

Sr. Software Engineer - Java/Hibernate/Spring Boot

Our client is looking for a seasoned Java Engineer to build a headless application used for API integration with various tools, such as Quickbooks. The skills required will include:

  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • JPA
  • Hibernate

The application is greenfield development and the work is fairly asynchronous and independent

This is a contract position. 😎 And, remote, too (duh)! 🏖️🤘

Sr. Software Engineer - JIRA/Automation/Workflows

Our client is looking for a candidate with extensive experience in Jira Automations, Workflows and Integrations. Experience with C# is a nice to have! This role is contract-based.

Sr. Software Engineer - Go/Kubernetes/Docker/AWS

We are looking for a strong "Injection" Engineer!

Must-have: Go, AWS (or other cloud experience), is ok to do reverse engineering (we do a lot) Nice-to-haves: SWF, Step Functions, experience with SQL and NoSQL

Nice to have: Containers, k8s, Java and Scala

Sr. Software Engineer - Kotlin/Groovy/MongoDB

Our client is looking for a seasoned Backend Developer. A successful candidate should have the following expertise:

  • Experience developing new features for a CMS API
  • Expertise in: Groovy, Kotlin, MongoDB, AWS, and Datadog

This is a contract position. 😎 And, remote, too (duh)! 🏖️🤘


Are you here for

the money?

That makes sense.

Because we pay well — like, at-or-slightly-above market rate well. 😎

But….it’s likely something more that you’re looking for.

Maybe you’re here because…

  • You want to work with accomplished people who value agency, engagement, and wellbeing.
  • You’re tired of working in a silo — and you want to connect with top-tier technologists who can help improve your game.
  • You’ve heard that we stand up for work-life balance, flexible schedules, and your ability to work remotely.

^^^ And, by the way, we think it’s rad if "remotely'' means an RV (with satellite internet, of course) touring the Nation’s many great national parks or some cool digital nomad van commune.

The point is this:

We built Talentcrowd for tinkerers and technologists who take their work seriously and do it to thrive. If we do our job, everybody wins.

So, why apply to join Talentcrowd? Well, first, you’ll gain access to jobs matching your skill set. As soon as you complete and set your profile to currently available, Talentcrowd Matchmakers will be able to contact you with opportunities that fit your expertise.

You’ll also gain access to a bustling (and sometimes rowdy) Slack community as well as all the awesomeness of being around a community of tech tinkerers, hackers, makers, doers, and crafters. A place where strong technical opinions fly, maybe some discord, and for sure a safe place to connect with and maybe even learn from other top-tier technologists.


Not a mass factory. Meet with a real person who will hand-select jobs for you — and help you grow your career

You won’t just register and twiddle your things waiting for a match. We’ll get to know you — because we’re building a community.

Someone will reach out to you, introduce you to the fellow devs, and add value to your career.

Humans, not bots

When we say community, we mean it.

Unique private North America-only community

Tight-knit. Curated. Proudly weird.

If you’re looking for a community that’s not a random, unorganized forum with 17,000 faceless freelancers you know nothing about, we’re your peeps.

We accept only experienced freelancers into our (small, exclusive) network, which means you can build actual relationships with quality professionals who enhance your career — and your life.

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Private community

We turn down 80% of the clients who approach us.

We handpick client like we handpick freelancers. With only the best clients (read: red-flag free), you’re guaranteed hassle-free engagements. And work you actually enjoy.

You’re matched by senior developers, not AI, so you get work that perfectly suits your interests and skill set. We track 653+ skills and match you accordingly.

We focus on win-win, skills alignment, and that we're not a body shop, we're looking to satisfy the high degree of specificity with a tailormade fit. If you want an off the rack suit (toptal, turing, etc.), go to your local department store, we're here for made-to-measure. Sloppy analogy but does this help?

AdobeStock_365313958-min (1)-1

Remote only.
Remote always.

As bosses and managers all over the world reel their people back into the office, our guys are working happily from home — in their pajamas.

We’ll never push you to give up your best location.

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Remote-first approach
Claudia V.
Best part of Talentcrowd:
Working with Talentcrowd changed my career! The clients I get to work with are top-notch. The team is supportive and professional, and the banter with my colleagues always leaves me with a smile.
Niko L.
Best part of Talentcrowd:
Most painless experience I've had contracting. The internal team prioritizes the needs of the developer and eliminates most of the worries a developer can have while contracting. Overall, compared to other gigs I've had, working with Talentcrowd has been zero-stress and a pleasure.
Jeremy H.
Best part of Talentcrowd:
The leadership at Talentcrowd is the best I have worked with. They do their best to make sure that the projects are as right for me, as I would be right for the projects. I’m always looking to Talentcrowd for another new and super interesting project to enjoy while providing tons of value for the customer.
Kim A.
Best part of Talentcrowd:
Working with Talencrowd comes with all the perks. I get to work alongside great and talented personalities. I am always greeted with professionalism, dignity and respect. Being an Independent contractor with Talentcrowd gives me the flexibility for my lifestyle and the opportunity to grow my knowledge from the diverse pool of projects that they continue to have.
Vincil B.
Best part of Talentcrowd:
Working with Talentcrowd as a contractor has been a really great experience. The "family like" atmosphere makes me feel like the company cares about me as an individual, which is rare in the industry. Talentcrowd is all about delivering the best solutions for their customers, but that does not come at the expense of the worker's wellbeing. I would recommend Talentcrowd for anyone looking for a...
Ryan R.
Best part of Talentcrowd:
I’m digging what you got going on here so far. It’s all the work and none of the BS. And it’s good, smart folks. Thanks so much for bringing me in.


Hard-working tinkerers who would never work un-remotely again

Who can become a TC developer?
  • Professional geeks who love to work hard and play hard.
  • Genuinely curious doers who earn flexibility and career satisfaction with their impeccable work and uncompromising standards
  • Oh, and they’re pretty good at

Part-time, full-time, all-the-time?

Um, did we mention we value flexibility?

Choose what works for you. We’ve got all engagement options available.

Find rewarding work with lower commitment.
Build connections, gain stability, and become a key member of the team.
Get paid for every minute of every hour you invest in the project.
Knock out your project and earn your paycheck in a single day.

Get approved and matched in days

01 Present

After reviewing your application, we’ll set up a virtual meet & greet where we get to know you — and answer all your questions about us.

02 Prove

We set up your totally non-scary technical interview to assess where you fall in that sweet combo of tech + soft skills.

03 Portal-ify

Once we win you over, you sign up as a member and complete the fair-for-you-and-us freelancer agreement, plus add the juicy deets of your full member profile.

04 Power up

You’re all set! You get access to member privileges, a buzzing Slack channel, curated jobs, and free Roblox passes. (Kidding about the last one.)


Some really
good questions

What are your rates? How much can I expect to pay?

Rates start at $90/hr. The exact rate will depend on the type of contractor you need.

Remember: you *only* pay for time worked — no benefits, no sick days, not even lunch breaks. And thanks to our contractors’ experience and expertise, there’s less time spent on each task, on back-and-forth, and on fixing bugs. So you:

  • Slash your technical debt
  • Minimize expensive context shifts
  • Avoid hours of interviewing duds.

How much is that worth to you? 😉

How long does it take to get matched?

From when you submit a job, we reach out within 2 days with an update — sometimes even with a candidate. Sometimes we match, sign off, and onboard a hire for a client within 2 weeks. Sometimes it takes longer to find the Goldilocks match. 

However long it takes, we’re committed to making the process as fast and hair-pulling-free as possible.

We could promise you a hard timeline — but we’d never do that, for one reason: we are committed to finding you a perfect match. An arbitrary deadline would force us to serve up mediocre matches.

What kind of professionals can I hire through Talentcrowd?

We’ve got every kind of tech contractor you need: 

  • UI/UX Design
  • Back & Front End Development
  • DevOps
  • Mobile Development
  • Project Management
  • QA Testing
  • Cloud Engineering

And we can fill any type of contract: full-time, SOW, freelance, consultants, and everything in between. 

How are you different from other talent platforms?

Other platforms are great…if you can afford to spend hundreds of hours sifting through profiles — many of which feature unreliable or underperforming people. 

And with generic platforms, you have to rely on keyword criteria, which do not take soft skills — nor other more granular tech specialties — into account.

Bottom line: if you don't know how to hire for tech, you're at risk of making expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Our talent pool is small — and that's by design. We select only 3 of 100 freelancers who apply. 

With Talentcrowd, you know you’re getting the best talent, really fast, at the most competitive rates. 

Is there a minimum engagement?


If you are a good fit, we welcome you to try out our staffing services even for a small gig. We aim to become your trusted, reliable talent source for long-term partners.


Are you finding the jobs you (really) want on Upwork?

Didn’t think so.

Nobody on these scattered tech job platforms really has your back.

Get the kind of work you really want. Not just the money. But get the money too.

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