Talentcrowd Book Club - January 2023

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Written By

Amanda Frye

Published On

January 31, 2023


Talentcrowd Book Club

 We review the books making an impact!


This month's read: Radically Human

Written by: Paul R. Daugherty & H. James (Jim) Wilson


From the Authors:

Technology advances are making tech more…human

From the blockchain, to the metaverse, to emotional AI, digital technologies are rapidly advancing at a time when enterprises face more pressure than ever to innovate to gain a competitive advantage. Human behaviors and intelligence are informing the design of new machines, and everything we knew about innovation and strategy is being turned upside down.

How will you apply these human-centric technologies to transform the future of your business? Radically Human, a new book from Accenture Technology leaders Paul Daugherty and H. James Wilson, offers business leaders an easy-to-understand breakdown of today’s most advanced human-inspired technologies and an actionable IDEAS framework that will help you approach innovation in a completely new way.

With groundbreaking research and insights, this book demystifies cutting-edge technologies, providing a blueprint for leaders to create business value while building a more human-centered, trust-based, and sustainable enterprise.

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Why we love it:

As far as we are concerned, Radically Human isn't just a great book, but an instruction manual for how to structure strategic growth in this expansive, tech driven ecosystem. All companies are now technology companies. This book offers a unique perspective on how we collaborate with machines today and what that means for the future. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity, wanting to grow your current skill set, or already run your own business, there are key concepts to take away.

The authors make it clear that Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a part of the workforce now, and they are here to stay. But, they don't focus on what these tools are replacing. Instead, they demonstrate how humans and technology are learning from each other. The book lays out a framework called IDEAS (Innovation, Data, Expertise, Architecture and Strategy) and provides real world scenarios on how people are creating living systems and adopting technology to innovate and fast forward growth! This is human-centric.

The book provides clear illustrations on how humans can collaborate with smart machines to leverage the strengths of both. They delve into the metrics to show how a human-centric approach can reduce the amount of data needed for analytics, which is welcome news to big data companies as well as small business. It also shines a light on the importance of imbuing technology with core values of humanity; like trust, privacy and security.

In today's world, where technology and human capacity are intertwined in an exponential growth trajectory, understanding how to leverage that potential is more important than ever. Everyone, regardless of vertical or discipline, will benefit from these insights!


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