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September 13, 2022


Meet Josh, Talentcrowd’s Founder and CEO Dude

Hi, I am Josh, founder and CEO of Talentcrowd. Fun fact, I used to work in the cemetery industry which proved to be a dead end for me (ba-da-bum!) so I transitioned into the fast-paced tech world.  


Before Talentcrowd became a thing, I built cutting-edge products, closed tens of millions of dollars in revenue from technology consulting services, built teams, championed industry-changing digital transformation projects, and achieved a couple of patents along the way. Now, I oversee daily operations and plan for the long-term growth of Talentcrowd.


On the personal side, I am married to my best friend and am a proud girl dad. I'm into investing, skiing, and start-ups, but I absolutely L-O-V-E the California coastal lifestyle and live for time away in the Colorado mountains.


That’s Cool, Josh, But Why Start Talentcrowd?

The #1 issue that repeated itself over and over and over again to me was a HUGE need for great tech talent AND a better way for companies to get it. That’s the main reason why I started Talentcrowd. I wanted to make tech recruiting easy, eliminate guesswork, fill talent gaps, and remove frustration. So, I got to work on 2 (not so) easy steps:


Step 1

Hire some of the best minds in staffing—people who know first-hand, the frustrations and shortcomings of traditional hiring and flexible work. People who have the DRIVE to make this better. 


Step 2

Get to work and fix it!


Simple, right? 


Now for the Nerdy Tech Talk: How Does It Actually Work?

It all comes down to our proprietary platform. Talentcrowd is simply a digital talent platform (think of it as a developer supply chain) providing employers with pipelines of vetted tech talent and on-demand engineers.


Unlike traditional tech recruiters who are looking for the highest quantity of matches possible, Talentcrowd focuses on QUALITY matches. Combining sophisticated algorithm matching with exhaustive human vetting, we help find the right people who perform like crazy. AND they stick around! 


Hold up. How Do You Make Quality Talent Matches?

We set out to improve competency mapping and matching to make smarter and more relevant job matches. Using our system, we can gauge gaps and pinpoint skills much better than a spreadsheet ever could. 


Basically, this platform helps our customers (employers) find new talent and our members (freelancers) find the right roles, quickly. We use our Competency Manager (that’s the thing that makes this all possible!), a best-in-class skill management tool, as a scalable system of truth. It gives us deeper insights than any resume or manual tracker could ever dream of. 


Hiring a developer? Onboard them the right way with our free checklist!

That Sounds Like a Sh!t Ton of Work. How Do You Know Your Skills Platform Is the Most Comprehensive?

It was a sh!t ton of really hard work. A LOT of hard work! We know we are the most comprehensive because we have yet to see a competency library featuring a comparable volume of skills or any that feature robust metadata tagging and filtering. 


Simply put, we have more data!


Our system is fully-loaded with over 600 technologies, tools, languages, frameworks, and libraries spanning 10 different skills groups. It uses metadata tagging for easier discovery and proprietary filtering of other related, commonly associated, or even competing skills. 


This platform is the heart and soul of our ecosystem of tools, including a highly automated customer relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking system (ATS), marketing website, customer and member portals, and our proprietary time-traveling-tracking tool, OUTATIME.


The many benefits of our skills platform include skills discovery, competency mapping, talent management, skills gap management, technical recruiting, sales engineering, and off-the-resume employment data. 


It’s legit.



“We Have the Tools. We Have the Talent. It’s Miller Time!” (Winston and Pete, Ghostbusters, 1984)

Hiring is tough; we get it. Talent is in high demand and when you add that fact to always-changing technology, new technology, increasing degrees of specificity, increasing demand, constrained supply, and, most critically, a context gap, it’s really overwhelming. 

Talentcrowd matches companies with exceptional, remote tech talent. We know that great talent needs great curation, consistency, and context. We provide our customers with a predictable, repeatable pipeline of talent. At Talentcrowd, we want to make sure you make the right hiring decisions the first time and every time.