Meet OUTATIME (by Talentcrowd): A Super Simple Time Tracker for Freelancers

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September 9, 2022


Wait a Minute. Are You Telling Me You Built Time Tracking Software…and Named it OUTATIME?

Yup, we sure did!  Inspired by the words of Doc Brown, "The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style," we figured why not use that idea and apply it to really boring software?  


OUTATIME not only looks good but is wicked fast (dare we say 88 mph fast!) AND accurate too. Win, win.


OUTATIME by Talentcrowd is a time-tracking software created by freelancers for freelancers. It does one thing and does it very well: it tracks time (shocking, we know!). This allows freelancers to focus on getting sh!t done instead of wasting time on the administrative hassles of time traveling tracking. 


OUTATIME is completely freelancer-friendly, free of limitations, and FREE to use for Talentcrowd members. Actually,OUTATIME is used by the Talentcrowd team and they absolutely love it, by the way! It features detailed reporting, too, so you can nerd out and see where your time is going on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 


Time Tracking is a Pain in the A$$

It’s no secret. Tracking time SUCKS regardless of the industry you work in or the project you’re working on. Not to mention, other time tracking software simply doesn’t work right or they’re WAY too complicated to use. They focus on too many things and end up being mediocre at all of them. That’s why we built OUTATIME; it’s simple, it works, and focuses ONLY on time tracking.


Freelancers generally hate time tracking but they can’t invoice without it. There are, of course, plenty of other apps out there you could use. We get it. None of them provide the feature focus, ease of use, or speed that freelancers want and need, hell, even rely on for accurate time tracking like OUTATIME.  Speaking of apps, if you find yourself using too many of them (GUILTY as charged!),OUTATIME has an open API to streamline time entries without ever having to use the interface. Great Scott!


We also noticed that some time-tracking software uses bossware. Wait…WTH is bossware?


Bossware are nasty little tools designed to track and monitor activity. Some even go as far as using your device's camera! Whoa. This is heavy.


Big NOPE to that nonsense. We intentionally left that crap out of OUTATIME.  


We wanted to solve all these problems by building something cool. And we did it. And, just for fun, we hid some easter eggs along the way (jumps up and down, clapping hands).

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Why is OUTATIME Better? (Besides the Super Cool Name)

OUTATIME is completely custom and built for the immediate needs of Talentcrowd’s team. Since it’s proprietary and homegrown, we fully control what it does and tailor it to our users; something many 3rd party sources could not easily do. 


OUTATIME is fast, reliable, scalable, and secure time entry. It’s so good at time tracking because it wasn’t built to be everything for everyone; it has just one job and it does it REALLY well. 


To make it even better, OUTATIME has an open API that allows users a lot of flexibility to share time entry data with invoicing software. At Talentcrowd,OUTATIME is tightly integrated with our ecosystem of internal tools including our CRM, ATS, membership, and customer portals.


Every Talentcrowd member has access to OUTATIME. Each user has full access to their individual time and reports. No one, however, can alter or edit someone else's time entries, not even Talentcrowd admins. We put you in control of your own time sheet.


So what willOUTATIME look like in the future?  


While we can’t add Mr. Fusion to ourOUTATIME or make it fly like the DeLorean in Back to the Future, we’ve got plans to make it ‘fly’ in a different way.  


OUTATIME is currently web-only BUT we’re getting ready for a mobile app. And those plans include gamification with badges and other goodies to make this thing even better.


So stay tuned and get ready to see some serious sh!t.