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Ruby on Rails Developer

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Ruby on Rails Developer - Payment Processing with Recurly Expertise

Do you thrive on the rhythm of Ruby on Rails? Are you passionate about orchestrating payment processor integrations that dance flawlessly? Step into the spotlight as our Ruby on Rails Developer, where your mastery will elevate our payment experiences to new heights. We're searching for an API virtuoso, with Recurly as our preferred partner, to compose seamless payment harmonies.

As a key player in our team, you'll:

  • Craft Code Symphony: Design, develop, and maintain robust Ruby on Rails applications, with a spotlight on payment processor integration.
  • API Mastery: Utilize your API wizardry, with a strong focus on Recurly, to ensure secure and smooth payment flows.
  • Puzzle Solving Maestro: Detect and resolve intricacies within payment processing and API connections, turning challenges into solutions.
  • Collaborative Conductor: Harmonize with cross-functional teams to ensure payment experiences that resonate, contributing to the evolution of our platform.


  • Ruby Enthusiast: Proficiency in Ruby on Rails, backed by a track record of creating and optimizing applications.
  • API Alchemist: Extensive experience in API integration, particularly with Recurly or similar payment processors.
  • Problem-Solving Sorcerer: Exceptional analytical skills to diagnose and address technical intricacies in payment processing.
  • Innovation Voyager: A zeal for staying attuned to the latest payment trends, technologies, and best practices.
  • Collaboration Virtuoso: Stellar teamwork and communication prowess, making you the heart of our development ensemble.

Join us in composing the future of seamless payment integration. If you're driven by the rhythm of Ruby, Rails, and the art of secure payment transactions, seize this opportunity with Talentcrowd. 🏖️😎💪

🏖️ This role is Remote. 🏖️