Backend Engineer - C#

Backend Engineering

Backend Engineer - C#

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🚀 Calling All Backend Wizards - Join the AI-Powered Content Revolution! 🦄💼

About the Quest:

Are you ready to harness the power of C# and embark on a heroic journey with a visionary media agency? Our client, a trailblazer in AI-driven content, audience insights, and sales sorcery, seeks a Backend Engineer to amplify their ranks. If you possess the secrets of C# and hold the keys to data engineering and business intelligence, consider this your summoning.

Your Epic Odyssey:

  • Engage in backend sorcery, weaving the fabric of digital realms with C# enchantments.
  • Collaborate with a fellowship of tech conjurers, sculpting the landscape of AI-powered content.
  • Contribute your expertise to the art of data engineering and unravel the mysteries of business intelligence.
  • Join forces with the Agile alchemists, crafting spells of innovation, efficiency, and high performance.
  • Sculpt, refine, and expand the foundations of their technology, crafting a legacy of excellence.

Your Arsenal:

  • A master of C# arts, channeling its magic to forge robust backend marvels.
  • Adept in the dance of data engineering, wielding its power to shape realms of insight.
  • Knowledgeable in the arcane arts of business intelligence, revealing the hidden truths of data.
  • Familiarity with cloud enchantments, preferably within the realms of AWS or Azure.
  • Proficient in the language of databases, crafting and optimizing queries with finesse.
  • Adept in the ways of Agile, collaborating seamlessly within cross-functional clans.

Your Elixir of Power:

  • A background in backend enchantments with a focus on C# sorcery.
  • Proficiency in the ways of data engineering and business intelligence, an enchanting bonus.
  • An affinity for cloud enchantments, with knowledge of AWS or Azure spells.
  • Adeptness in the language of databases and query conjuring.
  • Agile harmony in collaboration, fostering a fellowship of creativity and achievement.

This is a short-term contract of arcane mastery. And yes, it's a remote quest! 🏖️😎 Are you prepared to join the ranks of this media agency's elite, contributing your C# sorcery and wisdom in the realms of data and insight? Step forward, and let your talents unfold in the heart of an AI-driven revolution.