Data Engineer

Data Engineering

Data Engineer

  • Data Engineering
  • Azure
  • Pandas
  • Databricks
  • Apache Spark
  • Python
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL
  • Jupyter
  • PySpark

🔍 Uncover Data's Deepest Secrets: Become a Mid-Level Data Engineer! 🦄 💼

About the Expedition:

Are you ready to embark on a data-driven adventure that uncovers insights and fuels innovation? Our esteemed client is on a quest to fortify their ranks with a mid-level Data Engineer, a trailblazer who navigates the realms of data profiling, cataloging, and mapping with finesse. If you possess the prowess to construct technical data flows and have a passion for shaping data landscapes, this journey awaits your expertise.

Your Odyssey:

  • Embark on data-driven expeditions, mastering the art of data profiling, cataloging, and mapping.
  • Shape the foundations of technical data flows, weaving intricate pathways for data's journey.
  • Unleash the power of Python sorcery, crafting data transformations that set the stage for Data Science and Machine Learning epics.
  • Harness the secrets of Pandas and dataframe lore, wielding them to sculpt data with precision.
  • Weave incantations with Regular Expressions, summoning patterns and extracting hidden truths.
  • Write the script of data's destiny with adeptness in MSSQL, crafting database queries that unravel insights.
  • Embrace the dance of relational data, understanding its symphony and harmonizing its elements.
  • Possess a basic grasp of Azure or Azure Databricks enchantments, bridging your expertise to the cloud.

Your Arsenal:

  • Proficient in Python wizardry, crafting code that breathes life into data transformations.
  • Mastery of Pandas or a similar dataframe library, sculpting data with meticulous attention.
  • Fluent in the art of Regular Expressions, extracting treasures from data's cryptic depths.
  • Adept in the ways of SQL, with a focus on MSSQL sorcery.
  • Grasp of relational data dynamics, understanding the connections that form its tapestry.
  • Basic familiarity with Azure or Azure Databricks spells, navigating data's voyage to the cloud.

Your Elixir of Wisdom:

  • Experience charting the course for Data Science and Machine Learning expeditions.
  • Proficiency in Python coding, crafting data magic with precision and creativity.
  • Command of Pandas or a similar dataframe library, sculpting data with mastery.
  • Expertise in Regular Expressions sorcery, revealing insights hidden within data's labyrinth.
  • Fluent in the language of SQL, especially within the realm of MSSQL.
  • Grasp of relational data realms, recognizing the nuances that shape its narrative.
  • Basic understanding of Azure or Azure Databricks landscapes, guiding data's transformation to the cloud.

Preferred Charms:

  • Enchantment with coding notebooks such as Jupyter or Databricks, crafting spells of analysis and discovery.
  • Experience with Databricks sorcery in a cloud domain, shaping data transformations with finesse.
  • Mastery of PySpark, wielding its power against Databricks dataframes.
  • Knowledge of Azure components: Data Factory, Data Lake, Azure SQL DW, and Azure SQL.
  • Familiarity with the mystique of Azure Analytics: HDInsight with Spark, Stream Analytics, IoT Hub, Event Hub, and CosmosDB.

This is a contract of data wizardry, with an anticipated minimum duration of 6 months. And yes, it's a remote quest! 🏖️😎 Are you ready to leave your mark on the realm of data engineering, shaping data's destiny with Python sorcery, SQL spells, and cloud enchantments? Join our client's ranks and become a pivotal force in the ever-evolving landscape of data exploration and transformation.