AWS Terraform Engineer


AWS Terraform Engineer

  • DevSecOps
  • AWS
  • Terraform

Our client is seeking an expert-level 💪Terraform Consultant. The ideal candidate will have deep experience developing Terraform modules and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) consumed by external teams, as well as using industry best practices for DRY/Immutable Terraform IaC deployments. This candidate is expected to collaborate with architects and technical leads to be able to apply IaC best practices based on industry experience.


  • Modernizing current Terraform IaC layer across the organization
  • Bringing Industry knowledge to rebuild IaC to be multi-region and driven by configuration.
  • Development Terraform-based IaC content to support the automated instrumentation of Observability tooling.
  • Develop Terraform modules that abstract the functionality in vendor-supported Providers.
  • Develop and Document Terraform SDLC best practices within a team where multiple engineers will contribute to development efforts.
  • Understand best practices to enforce via Terraform code, as well as what functionality should be presented as user configurable through Terraform to enable Observability as Code.
  • Work within AWS environments to deploy mock application environments to test Infrastructure as Code (IaC) functionality.
  • Working with Observability engineers, development automation content with Terraform as well as other tooling to automate the deployment and maintenance of observability infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with customers of the platform engineering organization to understand requirements, present demonstrations and assist in the adoption of Observability IaC content.
  • Maintain user stories and documentation.
  • Attend Agile ceremonies as requested.

This is a contract role. And, remote, too! 🏖️😎