Sr. Project Manager - Asana

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Sr. Project Manager - Asana

  • SDLC Management
  • Project Manager
  • Asana
  • Microsoft 365

🚀 Ignite Success with Asana Implementation: Be the Sr. Project Maestro! 🎯📊

About the Expedition:

Join the league of the exceptional as our revered client seeks a seasoned Sr. Project Manager to orchestrate a triumphant Asana Implementation. This is more than a role; it's a symphony of streamlined processes, meticulous planning, and the fusion of technology and vision.

Your Journey:

  • Embark on a voyage of discovery, diving into the current process, requirements, and goals, mapping the path to a future of efficiency.
  • Converse with key stakeholders, uncovering their pain points, cross-departmental aspirations, and the tapestry of existing tools and processes.
  • Craft a masterpiece of understanding through summaries and meticulous implementation plans, setting the stage for the Asana transformation.

Your Ascent:

  • Lay the foundation of a dynamic Asana workspace, crafting the digital playground for collaboration and efficiency.
  • Weave the threads of Office 365 integration seamlessly into the tapestry of productivity.
  • Conduct workshops that breathe life into Asana guidelines and conventions, forging a unified language of efficiency.
  • Undertake the sacred mission of gathering, cleansing, and organizing the lifeblood of any project – data and documents.
  • Enrich the landscape through the setup of custom fields, unlocking the potential for tailored insights.
  • Champion the migration of data and documents, ensuring a seamless transition to the new realm of efficiency.
  • Infuse the ecosystem with life, setting the rhythm of messaging, notifications, automations, workflows, and templates.
  • Illuminate the canvas of productivity through the creation of projects and tasks, the very building blocks of success.

Your Toolkit:

  • A virtuoso of project management, with a portfolio of orchestration that speaks of successful implementations.
  • A conductor of change, adept at guiding teams through the symphony of transformation.

The Desired Navigator:

  • A seasoned Sr. Project Manager, adept at weaving technological mastery into the fabric of organizational vision.
  • A maestro of Asana, turning platforms into symphonies of efficiency and collaboration.

The Symphony Unfolds:

As the harbinger of this short-term, project-based contract role, your harmonious efforts echo across remote landscapes. Here, Asana becomes your baton, project management your symphony, and execution your opus. Join us as we compose the future of efficiency, conducting the ensemble of success with every keystroke.

Joining the Crescendo:

U.S. Citizens and those authorized to work independently in the United States are invited to apply. We are unable to sponsor at this time and regretfully cannot consider H1B candidates. 🏖️😎🤘