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Platform Engineer - Adobe Experience Manager

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🚀 Elevate Digital Marvels as a Platform Engineer - Adobe Experience Manager! 🎯🌟

About the Odyssey:

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our esteemed client, who seeks a seasoned Platform Engineer fluent in the art of Adobe Experience Manager. This role isn't just about engineering; it's about sculpting digital realms that dazzle, innovate, and shape the very future of experience.

Your Expedition:

  • Master the intricate dance of CI/CD, weaving a symphony of continuous integration and deployment.
  • Unlock the secret passage from WordPress to new frontiers, leading migrations with prowess and finesse.

Your Awe-Inspiring Arsenal:

  • 🦄 Your magic touch lies in the art of Adobe Experience Cloud, where you are the virtuoso of conceptualization, design, and deployment.
  • Cast enchantments with Adobe AEM (Sites and Assets), conjure insights with Adobe Target, and orchestrate wonders with Adobe Analytics.
  • The spells of your trade are woven with certifications that bear witness to your mastery – Adobe Experience Cloud Developer, Practitioner, or Architect.

The Desired Pathfinder:

  • A Platform Engineer who navigates the labyrinth of Adobe Experience Manager with ease, turning complexities into tapestries of digital enchantment.
  • A visionary who weaves architecture, design, and deployment into a seamless symphony of experience.

The Unveiling:

Behold a role that is the embodiment of rarity – a 🦄 contract role. As the threads of your expertise intertwine with the ethereal realm of remote work, you shape digital landscapes that resonate with the aspirations of tomorrow.

Unleash the Magic:

🏖️ Remote spellcaster and conjurer of digital dreams, welcome to a world where engineering transcends and experience reigns. Join us in forging the future. 🌟🤘