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About Bicep

Bicep is a domain-specific language (DSL) that uses declarative syntax to deploy Azure resources. In a Bicep file, you define the infrastructure you want to deploy to Azure, and then use that file throughout the development lifecycle to repeatedly deploy your infrastructure. Your resources are deployed in a consistent manner. Bicep provides concise syntax, reliable type safety, and support for code reuse. Bicep offers a first-class authoring experience for your infrastructure-as-code solutions in Azure. Bicep offers an efficient, declarative format to spell out most of the different bits that a developer might want to flip in a new instance. Some basic type-safety can help prevent errors and there’s a syntax-aware editor available in VS Code. The language itself is designed for higher-order thinking about infrastructure, with a strongly declarative structure that allows you to include instructions in any order, then let Azure’s resource manager optimize the execution.
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