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About BigID

BigID is a data privacy and protection platform that specializes in helping organizations discover, manage, and protect their sensitive and personal data. It's designed to assist companies in complying with data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), by providing insights into data usage, data lineage, and data protection.

Key Features of BigID:

  1. Data Discovery: BigID employs advanced machine learning and data classification techniques to automatically discover and classify sensitive and personal data across an organization's data landscape. This includes structured and unstructured data across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

  2. Data Mapping: It builds comprehensive data maps, providing organizations with a visual representation of how data flows through their systems. This helps in understanding data lineage and identifying potential privacy risks.

  3. Data Inventory: BigID creates a centralized data inventory that catalogs and profiles the organization's data, including metadata, sensitivity, and risk levels.

  4. Data Classification: The platform classifies data based on regulatory definitions and custom policies, making it easier to identify and protect sensitive information.

  5. Data Consent Management: BigID helps organizations manage data subject consent by tracking and recording consent status, making it easier to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations.

  6. Data Access Controls: It provides tools for enforcing data access controls and monitoring data access patterns to prevent unauthorized or excessive access to sensitive data.

  7. Data Minimization: BigID assists in the implementation of data minimization strategies, helping organizations reduce data retention and exposure risks.

  8. Incident Response: In the event of a data breach or security incident, BigID facilitates rapid incident response by identifying affected data and notifying relevant stakeholders.

Use Cases for BigID:

  • Privacy Compliance: BigID helps organizations comply with data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others by automating data discovery, classification, and consent management.

  • Data Governance: It supports data governance initiatives by providing visibility into data usage, lineage, and access controls.

  • Data Security: BigID helps enhance data security by identifying and protecting sensitive data and monitoring access to it.

  • Data Quality: The platform can improve data quality by identifying duplicate, incomplete, or inaccurate data.

  • Risk Mitigation: By proactively identifying privacy and security risks associated with data, organizations can take steps to mitigate these risks before they lead to regulatory violations or security breaches.

BigID is commonly used by organizations in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and technology, where the protection of sensitive customer data is paramount. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing data privacy and security in the age of increased data regulation and scrutiny.

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