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About Etleap

Built on AWS architecture, Etleap makes it easy to collect data from a wide range of sources and load them into your Redshift or Snowflake data warehouse. Etleap's point-and-click, no code interface makes it a good fit for data teams that want a lot of control over their ETL processes, but don't necessarily want high IT overhead. Because it's integrated with AWS, Etleap also makes it easy to scale your data warehouse up and down with the same easy-to-use interface, while at the same time managing your ETL flows on the fly. Once data has been collected using one or many of its 50+ data integrations, users can also take advantage of Etleap's graphical data wrangling interface or fire up the SQL editor for data modeling and transformation. Orchestration and scheduling features make managing all your ETL pipelines and processes as easy as the click of a button. In addition to its SaaS offering, Etleap also provides a version that can be hosted on your own VPC.
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