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About AWS Proton

AWS Proton is an application delivery service that helps platform teams provide an easy way for their developers to provision, deploy, and monitor applications when the unit of compute is dynamic, like with containers and serverless. AWS Proton allows customers to define application components as a stack, which creates everything needed to provision, deploy, and monitor an application, including compute, networking, code pipeline, security, and monitoring. AWS Proton includes curated application stacks with built-in AWS best practices (for security, architecture, and tools), so infrastructure teams can quickly and easily distribute trusted stacks to their development teams. A customer’s central infrastructure team can easily create and publish a stack to the AWS Proton console. The stack defines all of the infrastructure and tooling for the microservice, and provides consistency and standards across the organization. When a developer is ready to deploy their code, they pick the stack that best suits their use case, plug in the parameters for their application, and click deploy. AWS Proton handles everything needed to deploy the application, including provisioning the requested AWS services, pushing code through the CI/CD pipeline, setting up monitoring and alarms, and compiling, testing, and deploying the code. The AWS Proton console lists the microservices that are using each stack, so it is easy for infrastructure teams to make sure all microservices are updated as needed. With AWS Proton, infrastructure teams can also easily manage their container and serverless deployments and focus on creating great applications—instead of spending hours setting up infrastructure for each development team.
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