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About Program Manager

As a program manager, you’ll analyze your programs with a broad, high-level view—leaving day-to-day project activities to your project managers. Your primary job description and responsibility is to ensure that all of your project managers are efficiently and effectively working toward program goals. You’re also responsible for making sure that your programs deliver the best return on investment (ROI). Basically, you can think of yourself as a “meta-project manager,” strategically and simultaneously orchestrating all of a program’s intertwined projects. If you love to multitask, this is the job for you! Typical day-to-day program management activities include: - Planning and monitoring program execution - Project coordination and managing project interdependencies - Creating and managing a budget - Cross-project resource management - Identifying and addressing problems and risks - Program documentation - Stakeholder communications, negotiations, and problem-solving - Aligning or realigning deliverables with program outcomes
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