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About Apache JMeter

Apache Jmeter is easily one of the most used performance testing tools for developers. It is available in open-source format, which makes it highly accessible to software businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, the performance testing tool supports a 100% Java scripted desktop application and also tests the functional performance of web applications. What makes this Jmeter unique is that it’s extremely versatile despite being open-source. The tool is compatible with a number of protocols web and networking protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, LDAP, SOAP, and TCP. Since the application has a Java-oriented system, it also offers compliance with JDBC and Message-oriented middleware (MOM) through JMS. At the same time, Jmeter is compatible with email protocols such as IMAP(Server), POP3(Server), and SMTP(Server). These protocols help you reinforce security standards in used email transfer within your application. The option of using shell scripts and native commands during testing procedures makes it easier to implement during testing procedures. Moreover, Jmeter offers software testers the opportunity to test their applications for both dynamic and static resources, such as queries, servers, logs, scripts, and files. Similarly, testers can also inspect applications heavy load applications and evaluate their robustness and performance against varying load types. In terms of user interface, Apache Jmeter beats many software testing tools. The application offers users an intuitive and fast GUI supported by sophisticated multithreading capabilities. Lastly, Jmeter is also highly extensible and therefore, compatible with a number of third-party integrations and plug-ins. These plug-ins and third-party tools provide you with additional software testing features. Ultimately, the robust nature of Jmeter makes performance testing extremely easy across several servers, testing platforms, and browsers.
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