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About Real Time Operating System (RTOS)

One of the most important components that go into today’s embedded systems is the “RTOS” or “real time operating system,” which is responsible for everything from scheduling tasks to enabling high-level languages like C and Python. RTOS is a software component that rapidly switches between tasks, giving the impression that multiple programs are being executed at the same time on a single processing core. Real-time operating systems (RTOS) are used in environments where a large number of events, mostly external to the computer system, must be accepted and processed in a short time or within certain deadlines. such applications are industrial control, telephone switching equipment, flight control, and real-time simulations. With an RTOS, the processing time is measured in tenths of seconds. This system is time-bound and has a fixed deadline. The processing in this type of system must occur within the specified constraints. Otherwise, This will lead to system failure. Examples of the real-time operating systems: - Airlines reservation system. - Air traffic control system. - Systems that provide immediate updating. - Used in any system that provides up to date and minute information on stock prices. - Defense application systems like RADAR. - Networked Multimedia Systems - Command Control Systems - Internet Telephony - Anti-lock Brake Systems - Heart Pacemaker
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