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About Handlebars

Handlebars is an open-source templating language and engine that simplifies the process of generating dynamic HTML content. It allows developers to define templates with placeholders, called "handlebars," which are replaced with actual data during rendering. Handlebars is particularly useful for generating HTML from data sources such as JSON or JavaScript objects, making it easier to create consistent and dynamic web content.

Key features and concepts of Handlebars include:

  1. Template Syntax: Handlebars templates use a simple and intuitive syntax that includes placeholders enclosed in double curly braces . These placeholders represent variables, expressions, or data to be dynamically inserted into the template.

  2. Variables and Expressions: Handlebars allows developers to insert variable values and expressions directly into the template. For example, widget_1660743091105 will be replaced with the value of the name variable.

  3. Helpers: Helpers are functions that developers can define to perform various operations within templates. Handlebars comes with built-in helpers for common tasks, and developers can create custom helpers as needed.

  4. Conditional Statements: Handlebars supports conditional statements like {

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