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About Hyperledger Burrow

Hyperledger Burrow is a software that can be used to run nodes in a permissioned blockchain network. Because the participants in permissioned blockchains are known and trusted by the rest of the network, it is possible to achieve higher speeds and throughput than permissionless chains. Unlike proof-of-work blockchains such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Burrow uses a Byzantine Fault-Tolerant consensus algorithm to establish transaction finality. There are no mining or transaction costs, and it can execute smart contracts at a much greater scale than open blockchains. While it is similar to many other Hyperledger blockchain tools, the focus for Hyperledger Burrow is to provide a "clean and simple" developer experience, according to the Hyperledger Wiki. The key component of Hyperledger Burrow is a permissioned implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allows it to interact with smart contracts on other Ethereum-based networks.
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