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About Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a version control repository hosting service, which was created in 2008 and is owned by Atlassian. This Git repository management solution is written in Python, and built using the Django web framework. One of the main draws of Bitbucket is that it offers built-in flexibility in terms of VCS support. It also provides unlimited private code repositories for Mercurial and Git. Additional Bitbucket features include: - Direct integration with Jira, Bamboo, Crucible, and Jenkins - The ability to import repos from Git, Codeplex, GoogleCode, and SVN - External authentication support for GitHub, Google, Facebook, and Twitter - Heavy integration with Trello - A Mac and Windows client (Sourcetree) and an Android app (Bitbeaker) While you can use Bitbucket to host open source repositories, it’s primarily geared towards enterprises and businesses that are developing private, proprietary code. Another unique benefit of Bitbucket is that it offers a secure platform for your code with Soc 2 Type 2 certification.
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