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About LoadRunner

HP Loadrunner (now Micro-Focus Loadrunner) is a highly sophisticated software performance testing tool that detects and prevents performance issues in web applications. It specializes in detecting bottlenecks before the application enters the implementation or the deployment phase. Similarly, the tool is extremely helpful in detecting performance gaps in before a new system is implemented or upgraded. However, Loadrunner is not limited to testing web applications or services. The application is also optimized for testing ERP software, legacy system application, as well as Web 2.0 technologies. Loadrunner enables software testers to have complete visibility over their system’s end-to-end performance. As a result, these users are able to evaluate each component individually before it goes live. At the same time, Loadrunner also gives its users highly advanced forecasting features for forecasting expenses for up-scaling application capacity. By precisely forecasting expenses related to both software and hardware, it is easier to enhance the capacity and scalability of your application. Loadrunner is not open source, and is owned the technology giant Hewlett Packard. Therefore, the code of the application is not available to users. However, since the application already offers many advanced and high-level testing features, it isn’t necessary to customize existing features. Loadrunner is highly versatile and supports a large number of applications. Therefore, developers can test a variety of applications, including mobile, .NET, Java, SOAP, Flex, HTML 5, ERP, legacy, GWT, Silverlight, Ajax, and Citrix.
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