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About Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core is a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution designed specifically for embedded systems, IoT devices, and cloud-native applications. It is a minimal, lightweight, and secure operating system that provides a platform for building and deploying applications in various environments.

Key features and concepts of Ubuntu Core include:

  1. Minimal Footprint: Ubuntu Core is designed to have a small footprint, which is important for resource-constrained devices and IoT applications.

  2. Snap Packages: Applications on Ubuntu Core are packaged as snaps, which are self-contained, isolated packages that include all the dependencies needed to run the application. This promotes modularity, security, and ease of updates.

  3. Transaction-Based Updates: Ubuntu Core employs a transactional model for updates. The system is divided into multiple read-only and immutable partitions. When an update is applied, it's done atomically and can be rolled back if any issues arise.

  4. Security: Security is a primary focus of Ubuntu Core. The use of snap packages, read-only filesystems, and transactional updates helps reduce attack surfaces and improve system integrity.

  5. Application Isolation: Snaps run in isolated environments using container-like technology, providing application-level isolation and reducing the risk of conflicts between applications.

  6. Device Registration and Management: Ubuntu Core devices can be registered with Canonical's Device Management System, allowing administrators to monitor, manage, and update devices remotely.

  7. Customizable: Ubuntu Core allows manufacturers and developers to create custom images tailored for their specific hardware and requirements.

  8. Cloud Integration: Ubuntu Core supports integration with cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, enabling seamless deployment of IoT applications and services.

  9. Developer Tools: Ubuntu Core provides a range of tools for building, packaging, and testing snap applications. The snapcraft tool simplifies the process of creating snaps.

  10. Long-Term Support: Ubuntu Core offers Long-Term Support (LTS) releases, providing stability and security updates for an extended period.

Ubuntu Core is suitable for a wide range of use cases, including IoT devices, robotics, industrial automation, edge computing, and cloud-native applications. Its focus on security, modularity, and ease of updates makes it an attractive choice for building and deploying applications in diverse environments while ensuring the integrity and security of the system.

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