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About Puppeteer

Puppeteer framework is one such framework that offers Headless Browser Testing for Google Chrome. It allows the tester to perform the actions on the Chrome browser using commands in JavaScript. Developed by Google, Puppeteer is a Node library providing a high-level API for controlling headless Chrome through Chrome DevTools Protocol. This DevTools Protocol offers tools to instrument, debug, inspect, and profile the Chromium or Chrome browsers. Moreover, Puppeteer is used for performing browser-specific tasks such as accessing web pages using DOM API, automating form submissions, keyboard inputs, etc. which are helpful in performing automated UI testing for Chrome or Chromium browsers. Most things that you can do manually in the browser can be done using Puppeteer! Here are a few examples to get you started: - Generate screenshots and PDFs of pages. - Crawl a SPA (Single-Page Application) and generate pre-rendered content (i.e. "SSR" (Server-Side Rendering)). - Automate form submission, UI testing, keyboard input, etc. - Create an up-to-date, automated testing environment. Run your tests directly in the latest version of Chrome using the latest JavaScript and browser features. - Capture a timeline trace of your site to help diagnose performance issues. - Test Chrome Extensions
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